بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

以真主的名义,最仁慈,最仁慈 ; सबसे करीम, सबसे रहीम उस अल्लाह के नाम पर ; アッラーの名において、最も優雅で、最も慈悲深い ; 알라의 이름으로, 가장 자비 롭고, 가장 자비 롭다.

Playing Football Again

Posted by Ade Nugraha on 21 March 0 comments

Playing Football Again (A Momento)

            There was a sunny day, at morning I went to the grassland closed to my grandmother house. I had been staying for one week here. I am very happy, because there is a good idea come with our family in a good place and quite. I was two times going to my grandmother home. First when I still a child, there is no different until 22 years old now. And now I can enjoy again, after staying in a town for a long times, I feel my brain refresh again.

            At the back, there is long grassland with tall trees. There is not for playing football but a cows place. My grandmother has many cows, to milk reproductions. It’s a long times for coming here. There is worker take milk in my right hand. There is a fresh air touch my noise. There is a green land I seeing. Yes, milk reproductions with a green place make me feel this is a life. We can enjoy scenery and also enjoy the milk. 

            “De, catch the ball”, my brother said

            Wow I am very impresses. I guess playing football is a great thing too. So we are playing football together, with my brother, my cousin, and my uncle. The worker, interest to, so they joined with us. Yes, we are playing football with milk healthy and green scenery.