بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

以真主的名义,最仁慈,最仁慈 ; सबसे करीम, सबसे रहीम उस अल्लाह के नाम पर ; アッラーの名において、最も優雅で、最も慈悲深い ; 알라의 이름으로, 가장 자비 롭고, 가장 자비 롭다.
"Masih banyak yang ada di langit dan di bumi, Horatio Dari yang dimimpikan dalam falsafahmu, There are more things in heaven and earth, horatio Then are dreamt of in your philosophy." * William Shakespeare*.


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Definition of Hotel


Hotel is a part of integral tourism managed and can call as accommodation business which applies facilities, for example: room guest, food and beverage, recreation places, sport facilities, dobby facilities, etc.

Hotel is a service business and has multi complex management and all facilities opening to public 24 hours.

Kind of accommodation can distinguish based on kind activities, like: hotel, motel, losmen (Lodgment), youth hostel, camping ground, home stay (Guest house), marina, and all accommodation manage is Inn.


Meaning of hotel commonly (According to Hotel proprietors Act. 1956)
Ann inn is an establishment held by proprietors as offering food, drink and sleeping accommodation without special contract to any traveler, able and willing to pay a reasonable sum, who is fit to be received.

Meaning of hotel according to letters decree minister of relation ship No: PM 10/PW 301/Phb. 77, date December 12th 1977 : Hotel is an accommodation form which managed as commercial, applied to people whose avoid hospitality services including food and beverage.

Meaning of hotel according to letters decree minister of tourism, pos and telecommunication No: KM 37/PW. 304/MPPT-86 : Hotel is a kind of accommodation which using a part or all building to applied hospitality services, food and beverage and another services of public, managed with commercial.

History of Hospitality Development Eurof and America

The form of accommodation which called inn, first born in 6 century bf in Yunani. When the transportation was first new accommodation could urge the people to make a trip.

Standing organizations in Europe firstly emerge in small villas at a mountain (Chalet) and hotels which provided a food and beverage.

In America, hospitality called Inn or Coffee house.


When Republic of Indonesia had being freedom, business man built an association is called Organisasi perusahaan Sejenis (OPS).

Kind of accommodation which manage commercially

Hotel Plan

a. European Plan, is hotel which a payment only one room rate
b. Continental Plan, hotel which a payment including room and breakfast.
c. Modified American Plan, hotel which a payment including room and two times for eat.
d. Full American Plan, hotel which a payment including room and three times eat.

Wide and sum of room

a. Small Hotel, the hotel have <25 room
b. Average hotel, the hotel have more 25 room and <100
c. Above average hotel, the hotel have more 100 room and <300 room
d. Large hotel, the hotel have more 300 room

Kind of Guest

a. Family hotel, a hotel arrange for family
b. Business hotel, a hotel usually have a guest for 2 night or more
c. Transit hotel, a hotel arrange for guest who needs building health and disease
d. Convention hotel, hotel for convention needs

Time of Visiting Guest

a. Transit hotel, the guest usually for one night
b. Semi residential hotel, hotel have a guest visiting for two night or more
c. Residential hotel, hotel which have a guest stay for one week or more


a. Resort hotel, the hotel placed at tourism area
b. Mountain hotel, on a mountain
c. Beach hotel, located at a beach
d. City hotel, located in a town.

Room Level Cost

a. Economic class
b. First class hotel
c. Deluxe hotel

Classification of Room Level

a. Motel

Motel word come from abbreviation from Motor Hotel, in other hand is Motor Inn, Motor court or Motor Lodge. Motel specification is: Generally, motel placed at streets which connected between two towns. The building usually bungalow form, cottage form, or villa form. Kind of the guest like transit guest, business guest, and tourist.

b. Lodgment

c. Youth Hostel

Provided room can fill more two person. Applied food, beverage and a daily needs. Arrange for adult and student are going to study tour.

d. Camping ground

Provided a large out area for camping as sleep area. Camping room usually rent by the owner or management.Applied clean water. Guest house (Home stay), a simple accommodation effort arrangement, is a personality house which rent for guest

Other Accommodation

Holiday Flat lets
Holiday Camp
Floating hotel/ Marine Hotel,
Chalet is a kind of accommodation which building made from wood a way on the mountain.