بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

以真主的名义,最仁慈,最仁慈 ; सबसे करीम, सबसे रहीम उस अल्लाह के नाम पर ; アッラーの名において、最も優雅で、最も慈悲深い ; 알라의 이름으로, 가장 자비 롭고, 가장 자비 롭다.
"Masih banyak yang ada di langit dan di bumi, Horatio Dari yang dimimpikan dalam falsafahmu, There are more things in heaven and earth, horatio Then are dreamt of in your philosophy." * William Shakespeare*.


Posted by Ade Nugraha on 29 February 0 komentar

Baduy is the one of the traditional village in West Java Indonesia. If we go there, it was a difference place like common place we stay

I feel like live in old world, because what, the age of Baduy was a hundred years ago.

This is a good thing to relax. We were nine people. When we arrive to that place, Ciboleger Village is the first village we metA traditional house we can see more closed. 

When we walking between houses, i watched a mother with her doughter beside; making a traditional clothes which made from wood tools. It was my first experience with, wow very old thing. I wonder all can be long preserve.

Firslyt we rest in a house that my friend knows her so long. My feet were one line to rest, wow this house very unique. The houses made in bamboo and wood.

The air was so natural; I breathe so deep so fresh. After we got rest we are going to Malimping village which has same houses. Between one village to the others village we passed a forest and river which still naturally. Malimping is a village on a top hill. We can look the forest on the top. Wow that was a beautiful landscape

We journey the villages of Baduy surrounding to the one village to another. It was a good journey. I think it is an experience than can't I forget

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A great visiting Baduy this year